Missing 411 in Malaysia | Nora Quoirin

The Nora Quoiri missing person case is very interesting and disturbing. How can a 15 year old teenager die of hunger and stress in the course of 10 days? Not a lot makes sense about this event. While this is tagged as "Missing 411”, that’s ultimately not for me to determine, that for David Paulides to decide (if he’s even aware of this case).

Some say she was lured away from the resort by a Genie. Some say she just wanted to see a waterfall so urgently, that she left her room in the middle of the night without her shoes.

There are various accounts from Malaysia concerning people who just vanish. There are various reports of cryptids and other supernatural forces in Malaysia as well. We here at OBDM try to look at all angles. A Jinn, a Bigfoot or a random kidnapper are all considered.