Missing 411 - Dimensional Traps

The Missing 411 phenomenon involves a set of coincidences. In this segment Mike proposes an idea that a serious of coincidences could be a trigger or and alert to set off an trap, to capture a human.

I think most have us have seen coincidences, something that’s just an odd synchronicity. But when if a series of coincidences, within a short period of time, triggers an interdimensional trap? Strange theory. Mike tries his best to explain his thoughts.

This audio segment is from OBDM653

Missing 411 in Malaysia | Nora Quoirin

The Nora Quoiri missing person case is very interesting and disturbing. How can a 15 year old teenager die of hunger and stress in the course of 10 days? Not a lot makes sense about this event. While this is tagged as "Missing 411”, that’s ultimately not for me to determine, that for David Paulides to decide (if he’s even aware of this case).

Some say she was lured away from the resort by a Genie. Some say she just wanted to see a waterfall so urgently, that she left her room in the middle of the night without her shoes.

There are various accounts from Malaysia concerning people who just vanish. There are various reports of cryptids and other supernatural forces in Malaysia as well. We here at OBDM try to look at all angles. A Jinn, a Bigfoot or a random kidnapper are all considered.

Missing 411 - The Hunted

Missing 411 has been a topic that regularly comes up on the OBDM podcast. When the initial idea of people vanishing, sometimes within yards of the family member is first brought up, one struggles to make sense of the situation. Over the years the Missing 411 subject has gained much more attention but only more questions are provoked, with few answers gained. UFOs, Bigfoot, inter-dimensional portal, feral humans and a gang of serials killers are but a few of the proposed answers to the mastery of people who go missing.

In this segment I go over the most recent movie “Missing 411 - The Hunted” and play some clips that I found interesting. I have my own theories about what is going on with these cases that will be explored in a future audio segment. I think while listening to this clip it’s important to keep the Missing 411 profile points in mind. The profile points below turn a normal missing person case into a Missing 411 case.

Missing 411 Profile Points

  1. Canines Can't Find Scent - 99% of the time they can't find the scent or aren't interested

  2. Weather - Tends to impact search & recuse efforts

  3. Victims found in Area Previously Search - Fog, Blizzard just seem to appear when the search begins

  4. Missing Clothes or Shoes - often times victims are found without shoes or pieces of clothing

  5. Time of Disappearance - Late afternoon or early evening

  6. Disability or Illness

  7. Missing are Often Found Near Creeks, Rivers, Ponds, Lakes and Steams

  8. Boulders and Granite are in the area

  9. Swamp and Bogs

  10. Point of Separation (not a normal profile point) - Single or lone hikers are more aware of their surroundings than groups of hikers

  11. Equipment Malfunctions - Compass, GPS

For additional information please check out David Paulides’ site: MissingCanAm.com

Video Segment Link: https://youtu.be/lSdb_fOsi7U

-MidNight Mike