The Secret Space Program and the Space Marines

Captain Randy Cramer claims to have been in the Space Marines for around 20 years. People coming forward is not a new thing, Corey Goode has talked about his experiences within the Secret Space Program many many times recently. Obvious, all this information should be taken with a grain of salt but we can’t forget get what the UK “Hacker” Gary McKinnon found when looking through NASA computers. He found mentions of “non-terristrial officers” as well as UFO photos. Captain Cramer’s story is interesting and he tells it well. I want to believe, I really do, but I’m only half way in the pool. I need more evidence. I need to see the weapons he claims to have used on Mars. I need to see if Captain Cramer ever gets paid for his service.

I believe there is a Secret Space Program. After World War 2, all those Nazi UFOs didn’t just up and disappear, they were probably repurposed for the interests of the good old USA.

We love this stories and I hope to talk to Captain Randy Cramer one day.

I want to believe.