Who Is D.B. Cooper?

Over the years many people and investigators have speculated who was D.B. Cooper was and what his motive was. Darren Schaefer from the “The Cooper Vortex” podcast joins the show to share his thoughts and theories on this cold-case. How did he hid jump out of the plane and why? Why did he only request $200,000? What was his background? We drive to dive as deep as we can with the information available.

Storming Area 51 and other UFO Disclosure

Since the 2017 New York Times article about Navy pilots chasing UFOs, the drip of new UFO news has turned into a stream. As an avid following and reader of everything UFO related, I find all the news fascinating and exciting but I am cautious. I’m wary because I think if the mainstream media is pushing a story, they have an angle and it’s typically not honesty. When it comes to stories on the military, they generally read press releases from the Pentagon.

While the excitement around the Navy’s acknowledgement of UAPs(the new name for UFOS) is a welcome change, it’s important to be skeptical, mainstream narrative are often co-opted. The event “Storm Area 51” has become of Meme and a rallying cry to storm other places such as Loch Ness and the Epstein Island. Weather on accident or on purpose we are being conditioned. We are being conditioned to accept UFOs as something that can be tracked by the military and something they view as a possible threat. We are being conditioned to think it’s ok to “storm” places. 

I think it’s important to keep and eye on all this information and to keep talking about it, but I’m mindful of the keepers and messengers of the information. Businesses and Governments always have something up their sleeve.

Jeffery Epstein and the Ruling Elite

For over a decade “conspiracy theorists” have been making noise about Jeffery Epstein and his Lolita Express. The mainstream media dismissed and ignored the very real connection between Epstein and the people who run the United States and influence the world. Now, the media has been forced to acknowledge Epstein and his connections but are willfully ignoring his links to intelligence and instead are trying to focus on Trump.

Something dark is just below the surface of Epstein’s island, something sinister. Qanon has done a great job at speculating what that could be. Epstein’s New Mexico compound has a giant sundial, for what purpose? It’s been long rumored that a gang of occultists pedophiles run the world, Stanley Kubrick said as much. While we or anyone can’t absolutely prove that right now, the evidence is piling up and will be hard to ignore if there is transparency in the Epstein case.

The NXIVM trial revealed the human trafficking and occult practices are very real and are much more prevalent than what most people believe. I think NXIVM and Epstein are just tentacles of a larger beast.

The OBDM audio segment is from OBDM722 and OBDM723, edited together.