Jeffery Epstein and the Ruling Elite

For over a decade “conspiracy theorists” have been making noise about Jeffery Epstein and his Lolita Express. The mainstream media dismissed and ignored the very real connection between Epstein and the people who run the United States and influence the world. Now, the media has been forced to acknowledge Epstein and his connections but are willfully ignoring his links to intelligence and instead are trying to focus on Trump.

Something dark is just below the surface of Epstein’s island, something sinister. Qanon has done a great job at speculating what that could be. Epstein’s New Mexico compound has a giant sundial, for what purpose? It’s been long rumored that a gang of occultists pedophiles run the world, Stanley Kubrick said as much. While we or anyone can’t absolutely prove that right now, the evidence is piling up and will be hard to ignore if there is transparency in the Epstein case.

The NXIVM trial revealed the human trafficking and occult practices are very real and are much more prevalent than what most people believe. I think NXIVM and Epstein are just tentacles of a larger beast.

The OBDM audio segment is from OBDM722 and OBDM723, edited together.