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OBDM is a weekly news / conspiracy / comedy podcast. We have highly produced audio and we drink a lot. JFK, UFOs, Geopolitics. We hit it all. After two episodes you'll be hooked.

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Listener Reviews

A nice blend of comedy and conspiracy

I found OBDM a few months ago when I was looking for a podcast with a fun approach to conspiracy. I'm more interested in just hearing what conspiracies are out there over getting caught up in the fear mongering and intensity that most of the other conspiracy shows seem to off. What I like about this show is that it's a comedy show that's hesitant to become a conspiracy show which makes it a perfect blend of both. I actually like their attempt to keep the balance. I also really like their non-conspiracy news segments, which is another staple of the show. This show also has the best sound quality of any of the independent podcasts that I've heard.

from iTunes 2015, Their Big Dumb Fan

Awesome little known show

This is a very funny and informative show that seems to unknown to way too many people. Their production and sound quality is on par with the biggest named podcasts. I would recommend this to people who into comedy as well as geopolitical issues. It should be noted that it is definitely R rated.

from Stitcher, Operator1983


This show isn't cheap to put on. Our high production and hosting costs money. We love to do the show and hope you enjoy it as well. Donate if you can.

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