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OBDM487 - The Jersey Devil

Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Mike like seeing failure / Listener Email Talk / Why the show works and why it does not / What the hell does everyone on the show do / Show Money / Alex Jones Clips of the Week / Mike likes to make stupid characters / Making money on the side / Mike gets into gay porn / Dem Nevada Problems / Facebook Politics / The Whistleblower calls in / Top Hillary Email Problems / Email Syria / Central Banking / Punking out on youTube / 911 Conspiracy Crash Test / The Whistleblower calls back in about JFK / The Jersey Devil/ Missing 411 and the Jersey Devil / Cocksparer Music / Talking politics is taboo / Ok, the alcohol is kicking in hard / We get all slurry / Fast forward 1min / Stanson calls in Skype / Fast Forward one more min / Captain America Civil War / Movie Talk / The Snowman calls in from Ted Cruz's bathroom / Hillary UFO files and Chris Matthews / Wow, we are drunk / Headlines / End

Thu, 19 May 2016 03:13:35 +0000

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