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OBDM507 - Alex Jones Maybe Right

Joe and Clownbaby join the show /  Alex Jones Clips of the Week / NYC Terror Bombing / Mass Media Clips / Harry Baines / US is Bombing in Syria / Roaming Millennial interview / Social Justice and free speech / How does a 22 year old woman view the world / Negative Reaction to anti-sjw stuff / Joe has smelly shows / Monster of the week / German Cat Snake / Hillary Green Screen Problem / A Digital President / What is real / Wierd Trump AM Audio / Trump is 26th / Reserve Audio Trump / Headlines / Mike cant say NASA / The State Dept is shit / Philippians and problems / Th Watchers / Corey Feldman /  DogMan has a nice Ass / End / Preshow 

Thu, 22 Sep 2016 01:35:30 +0000

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